Trends for tablets in 2020

1.  Android and Apple tablets

Android tablets have now been great media players, ebook readers as well as kids’ devices. However, iPads offer more apps for users to enjoy.

In general, the most prominent advantage of Apple is iPad Operating System, which is the new operating system launched on the iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro tablets. This innovative operating system is very clean and easy to get used to. Also, there is a wide range of applications which you can purchase directly on your tablet, with over one million titles at current time.

On the other hand, the Android operating system offered by Google will offer you an option of hardware from many manufacturers as well as provide you with maximum configurability, a notification system, fast and convenient web browsing and seamless integration with such Google apps as Gmail, Google Maps or Hangouts for making video calls. What is more, Android comes with assistance for many user logins simultaneously so that you can share your tablet with your families or friends, which you are not able to do with Apple products.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Android and Apple tablets

The Fire Operating system of Amazon is another branch of Android with its unique user interface and default applications. It is made to be convenient to adapt for dealing with Amazon content as well as streaming video from different services. If you just use your tablet for web browsing and accessing your Amazon library, this is an ideal option. However, it is not convenient to customize with this operating system.

2. About applications

If you are looking for applications which are designed for a touch screen interface, iPad will be the winner due to its very big library of many programs as well as games that are designed specifically for Apple tablets. The App store is monitored well with a big selection including every popular app that you may be in need of. If what you are finding is a wide variety of applications that can work well on your tablet, Apple should be your priority.

In spite of the fact that Android has improved its app options, it is still not home to as many apps as Apple provides. It is difficult to give the exact number of how many apps Android is offering but it is much less than Apple. Also, there are Android phone applications which look good on a 7-inch device but less good on a 9-inch or 10-inch one. Therefore, users may find problems when using apps on bigger Android tablets.

Because Amazon tablets do not have access to the Google Play store, they do not have many available applications. Although there are many people who could hack the Play store for Amazon tablets, doing this means breaking the laws set by both Amazon and Google. Amazon does have their own app store but users had better consider Amazon tablets to be designed to be utilized with the apps recommended by Amazon.