The most highly recommended cloud storage services for versioning

  1. Tresorit

Tresorit is a cloud storage provider founded in Switzerland while its data is kept on servers located in the Netherlands and Ireland. This vendor is considered to be one of the most reliable cloud storage services on the current market.

First of all, version history can store snapshots of all changes that have been made to your documents in your tresors, which is the name of a folder utilized for syncing. Versioning is limited to such plans as Premium, Solo, Business and Enterprise. The Premium plan will offer users a versioning period lasting 90 days with only 10 versions of the file. On the other hand, Solo plan and all business plans come with unlimited versioning and history as well as recovery for deleted files.

According to many clients, the prices of Tresorit services are so high compared to other rivals. The least expensive plan, which is Premium, costs around 12.5 dollars per month with only 200 Gigabytes of storage. Another personal plan, Solo, provides customers with 2 Terabytes of storage, password protected links and lets you sync up to ten devices. However, it costs even 30 dollars a month and there is some discount if you can pay a year ahead.

What’s more, the Small business plan’s price is about 20 dollars per user per month with 1 terabyte of storage per user. The Business plan provides users with advanced file control and support for around 12 dollars per user monthly.

The reason why Tresorit has such a high price is its excellent security. To be more specific, the data centers used for offering services are compliant with the most updated ISO standards and they also operate Microsoft Azure. Also, the centers employ security patrols as well as biometric scanning for better protection.

Users can take advantage of zero-knowledge encryption to keep their data’s privacy. AES 256-bit encryption is able to protect your data from being robbed. In case of lost password, you can rely on two-factor authentication.

Last but not least, another good point of Tresorit is that a lot of cloud storage services have a thin desktop client including just a sync folder and options in the taskbar icon while it provides users with a full desktop client that can be used with Windows, macOS and Linux.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is among the oldest cloud storage services as it is the leading vendor where common models for syncing were first invented. Currently, Dropbox has over 500 million users.

First of all, Dropbox versioning will keep your files within 30 days if you go for a free or a Dropbox Plus account. The Professional and Business plans provide file versioning for 120 days. With these plans, users are also able to restore deleted files.

What is more, the Plus plan offers 1 terabyte of storage at 10 dollars per month. This plan is designed with such features as priority email assistance, remote device wipe and offline folders on mobile as well.

If you want to have a try, you can sign up for a free account with 2 Gigabytes of storage. You can get 500 Megabytes more for each referral.

In spite of the fact that customers can not enjoy zero-knowledge encryption with this cloud storage service, they can take advantage of AES-256 bit encryption to protect their files. For further protection, there is two-factor authentication.

Moreover, this cloud storage has provided a polished user experience from the date of release. The desktop client is rather simple with a sync folder and a system tray icon for accessing more quickly. The web interface is also made attractive and users can access all of what they need because it is really convenient to locate.

Finally, the desktop client can operate on Windows, Mac and Linux and the mobile application is available to use on Android and iOS. If necessary, you can turn on automatic uploads for both photos and videos directly from your phone.

  1. Google Drive

As you have known, nowadays many people have their own Gmail accounts, thus it is no surprise that Google Drive has over 800 million users.

Google Drive is so popular because it is suitable for even home users and comes with a free office suite named Google Docs.

When it comes to features, Google Drive comes with versioning to keep files within 30 days. If you delete files, you can find to restore them in trash until you delete them.

There are different plans for users to opt from. The free one comes with a cloud storage of 15 Gigabytes, which is the reason why Google Drive is among the best free cloud storage vendors. The paid plans provide from 100 Gigabytes to 30 Terabytes. The 2 Terabyte plan costs around 20 dollars a month and the price is the same for yearly purchase.

Google Drive scans your individual files as well as emails to offer you customized advertisements or custom search that may be what you are looking for.

In terms of security and safety, there is AES-128 encryption used to save your files when they are located on the servers. Also, two – factor authentication is also here to help for more assurance.

Furthermore, Google Drive is made with a really attractive and easy-to-use web interface which is rather similar to other Google applications. Users will be able to navigate the functions and maybe they will use it more frequently than the desktop client.

This desktop client takes advantage of the familiar sync model. Users can upload files just by placing them in the sync folder. With the taskbar icon, users can adjust settings for their own sync folder.

Last but not least, the mobile app can be installed on Android devices and this is a very effective method if you want to have approach to your files while travelling or when you do not carry your laptop. You can use this app to make changes to documents easily and quickly.