The best video streaming services to see in 2020

  1. Netflix

Netflix may be the most famous video streaming service, with the price starting from 9 dollars. The service comes with a variety of content options for you to choose and the new titles will be replaced for the older ones every month. Also, there is an increasing library of original program, which is updated regularly. The outstanding catalog provided by Netflix comprises of such shows as Altered Carbon, Black Mirror, Bojack Horseman, Dead to Me, Mindhunters, the Circle, the Crown, the OA, the Umbrella Academy and so on. However, Netflix has lost its top titles such as Friends, which used to be on Peacock of NBC.

In addition to its original movies like El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie as well as the Irishman, today Netflix also provides audiences with the movies with high quality in comparison with its rivals including Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and HBO.

Another information to note is that Netflix has currently increased its price for every subscription plan. If you pay 9 dollars per month, which is one dollar higher than before, you are able to stream unrestricted standard content on one device. The Standard tier, which costs 13 dollars per month instead of costing 11 dollars, comes with HD content as well as streaming feature on two devices at the same time. The highest plan – Premium, costs around 16 dollars per month in which you will receive four concurrent streams and approach to 4K content. With this plan, users are also able to download Netflix on different devices such as personal computers or tablets and so on.

Like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Disney+, Netflix is also a streaming service supporting both offline downloads and 4K streaming. In case users want more updated releases, Netflix does have its DVD mailing service, which is very convenient.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Video streaming services

  1. YouTube TV

With the price starting from 50 dollars per month, YouTube TV will provide you with a big selection of live sports as well as new channels and a lot of different famous entertainment programs. Some top networks include ABC, AMC, CBS, CNN and many others. Currently, it added more content from Discovery network together with other channels regarding to animals, cuisines and travelling.

As you may not know, YouTube TV is also among the leading services that add local PBS channels to its package. If you are not still satisfied with the library with over 70 channels, you can also add other packages to your subscription.

What is more, thanks to YouTube TV, users can get unrestricted cloud DVR storage. The service will save your recordings for up to nine months so that they can stream their favorite content from any location. One membership is allowed to have six accounts so that not only users but also their families or friends are able to stream the content. However, they can only stream from only three accounts at the same time. This is a big benefit offered by this high – tech video streaming service.