The best free cloud storage for 2020

If you are not affordable enough or not willing to pay for a cloud storage, do not worry because you can take advantage of free cloud storage services. This is also a good solution for you to try the service before deciding to buy or not. Currently, almost all of the reliable cloud storage vendors provide users with a free plan by which they can store documents without having to pay.

This article is going to present some of them so that you can opt for a suitable one.

  1. pCloud

There are a lot of free cloud storage plans out there with lot of space to store data. However, those offerings are just temporary. On the other hand, pCloud offers 10 Gigabytes of free storage without any limitations or problems. Customers need to do some tasks to reach this full 10 Gigabytes. Unless doing so, they will get only 2 Gigabytes.

In addition to storage, its HD media player integrated inside for videos turns the service into an ideal destination to save your beloved TV programs or home videos. Due to its well-designed media player by which users are able to set up their own playlists, pCloud is also regarded as one of the best free cloud storage choices for music.

However, pCloud does not offer password protection for files, expiry dates for sharing links as well as zero-knowledge encryption for serious and vulnerable data.

If you are not satisfied with this, you can choose to upgrade to the pCloud Premium including 500 Gigabytes of 2 Terabytes of cloud storage, which costs from around 5 dollars each month.


If pCloud does not suit to your interest, you can choose, which is also among the top options.

First of all, provides customers with 5 Gigabytes for free. This amount is enough for you to test the service. However, when you start to utilize, you may be tempted to upgrade to the paid plans including 500 Gigabytes or 2 Terabytes of storage. The paid plans cost from 60 dollars each year. Because does not make any limits on the file size, it is a good solution to large files.

If you want to enjoy more, you can benefit from the referral system of this provider. To do this, all you do is just to invite other people to register for accounts then you will get an extra 1 Gigabyte for each user. However, you should remember that those registers must be real because Sync will check. is well-known as a perfect cloud storage option for Android operating system because of its generous storage and an intuitive mobile application. Also, is also among many cloud storage vendors on the current market that offer the best zero-knowledge encryption in addition to AES 256-bit file encryption and two-factor authentication. is the most reliable cloud storage vendors due to its strong privacy laws from Canada, to some extent. Last but not least, the service comes with many necessary features including versioning, password protection for documents as well as easily accessible account logs.

  1. Google Drive

When mentioning free cloud storage services, we can not ignore Google Drive. Users do not need to do anything with a Google account because the Google Drive storage is included in advance. This storage can be used with Drive, Gmail as well as other Google offerings like Google Docs. This is not an issue at all but if you have a large photo collection that has been uploaded to Google, you need to consider.

Google Drive is also the storage for any other documents that you make by taking advantage of other Google products like Google Docs. All of the Google Docs products and offerings are included in the storage without cost as a standard.

On the other hand, there are some issues related to privacy. Google has been told that they will scan your files without asking for allowance. If they do not benefit from what they find, they may terminate your account. If privacy is your first priority, you should consider before using Google Drive because it does not include file encryption.

In comparison with other cloud storage services, Google Drive’s free plan is more generous with 15 Gigabytes of storage. In spite of the fact that you are not able to get more with referrals, you can upload large files, up to 5 terabytes in size.

If you want more storage, you need to pay. Google’s price is different according to where you live. For instance, if you live in the United States, you need to pay around 20 dollars per year for 100 Gigabytes of storage. You can share storage with other friends if you want.

  1. MEGA

While MEGA does not offer something really impressive and outstanding as you may expect, it comes with a lot of precious features and amazing storage that makes this service also a top choice.

Similar to, MEGA also offers users zero-knowledge encryption for the files. Nevertheless, the most prominent point of MEGA is its storage. When starting with MEGA, customers will receive 50 Gigabytes for free but this is temporary.

What is more, the default storage of the free plan offered by MEGA comprises of 15 gigabytes. New users will receive an extra storage of 35 gigabytes but this will expire after one month. Users can unlock 10 Gigabytes, 15 Gigabytes or 20 Gigabytes by installing desktop client, downloading mobile apps or inviting users. This free extra storage will expire after 180 days if you install the apps and after 1 year if you invite other users.

When they expire, you will come back to the default storage with 15 Gigabytes. The only tip to get more storage is to refer more users or to pay.

Although this is a free plan, there are many features for you to enjoy with MEGA such as end-to-end encryption for chatting securely as well as file versioning and recovery.