Streaming services trends in 2020

  1. Video streaming services are a big leap from cable TV

As you may not know, streaming services were first an add-on to DVD and digital download services. More precisely, they were additional offerings apart from the programs you watched on their first runs on cable TV. Since the release of Internet connections and a lot of video streaming devices, the traditional cable TV has been faded to some extent.

Some viewers even cut the cords to move to using streaming services. Due to this reason, there have been big changes regarding media industry. The overarching goals of many entertainment and tech giants would be consolidation and curation.

  1. New channels born and consolidation

For example, the brand AT&T, which provides live TV service AT&T TV Now, has bought the Warner Media and all of its subsidiaries including CNN, HBO and so on. This brought about the HBO Max streaming service, which is about to be launched this year with the cost of around 15 dollars each month. Also, CBS and Viacom have also announced a merger recently. However, it is not sure how the streaming service would be. Viacom provides their clients with free Pluto TV Service, Paramount Pictures and Viacom Media Network with supported advertisements. What is more, NBC will also release its own streaming service in July of this year. This service is called Peacock, which will come with both supported advertisements and live content.

Of course, this big change towards streaming services will come with some bad results. First of all, customers who may realize that streaming services are more flexible than cable TV will be tempted to pay higher to receive what they want. Current streaming services are also making effort to adapt to the fluctuating costs today. For example, the price of Live TV plan offered by Hulu has gone up a lot. Moreover, because of failed contract negotiations, Sling TV also lost its Fox content and AT&T has increased its prices to a very high level. Recently, Sony has also closed its Play Station Vue.

  1. The Catalog is very important.

As you may know clearly, whether a video streaming is successful or not will depend much on the content of the library. This is the reason why a lot of services are making investment into improving the quality of the content. For instance, some famous programs can be listed as Stranger Things of Netflix, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel of Amazon or the Handmaid’s Tale of Hulu. They all won the Emmy prize.

  1. Stream sports online

If you are a fan of sports, you do not need to worry if you can not watch live sports when you cut the cord. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things to look forward. Currently, there are a lot of video streaming choices out there, which are considered to be the best streaming services for sports audiences. You are able to watch everything from regional, national to international shows. You can find what you need easily on streaming services.