Some highly recommended free cloud storage options for 2020

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is among the pioneers that first released cloud storage services. It is the first company bringing the cloud storage ideas into action when it launched in 2007. In spite of the fact that it is not the best cloud storage provider on the current market, it is still desired to be among top choices.

Dropbox is a fast and convenient online storage service for users with 2 Gigabytes for free. However, this storage may be not enough for you to save a collection of photos or videos. Its offerings are rather satisfied while you are not able to share files to the public. With this free plan, you will see there is not much to do with but if you are expecting just simple storage to save documents, Dropbox is okay.

If you want to get more storage, you can expand your free storage up to 16 Gigabytes by inviting other users. With each user referred successfully, you can get extra 500 Gigabytes.

Otherwise you can go more quickly with paid plans. The Dropbox Plus plan costs around 10 dollars per month for 2 terabytes of storage and the Professional plan starts at 17 dollars per month for up to 3 terabytes of storage.

Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that Dropbox does not have good privacy or security features. There is no zero-knowledge encryption to take advantage. You may find that it is rather vulnerable to store important files in Dropbox storage. Dropbox is more suitable for your parents or grandparents because it comes with a simple interface so that they can use without many problems.


  1. Amazon Drive

First of all, Amazon is over other rivals due to its large amount of computing resources at its disposal. Its storage offerings are not as expensive as other competitor.

Nevertheless, with a cheap price, you must know that you can get much out of this service. Amazon’s cloud storage does not come with outstanding features. The features are just basic ones.

For instance, there is not encryption for your documents so that it is rather dangerous when mentioning privacy and security with Amazon. If you want more privacy, you can start to use Amazon Drive with an encryption service such as Boxcryptor.

Amazon Drive seems to be a rather good cloud storage for storing photos. The service offers an unrestricted photo storage and users are able to set a shared family album to combine and save lots of family photos in the cloud.

Another good news to hear is that Amazon Drive is free for those who subscribed to Amazon Prime, which is a subscription service offered by the company for free delivery, TV and so on. Those users will receive a free storage of 5 Gigabytes for their files as well as unlimited photo storage.

If you are looking for more storage, you can opt for paid plans. The plan with 100 gigabytes will cost around 20 dollars per year and the one with 1 terabyte will cost from 60 dollars. Last but not least, unlimited photo storage is just available for those subscribing Amazon Prime, though.


  1. Apple iCloud

Taking advantage of cloud storage services from such companies as Apple and Google is enjoyable due to their integration. This is the reason why Apple iCloud is among the most famous free cloud storage services for users.

To start using the service, customers are not required to do much. iCloud is already available as a storage drive in you Mac Finder application or as a backup solution for your iOS devices.

As soon as you sync the device with the Apple ID, you will get 5 Gigabytes of storage for free. This storage may run out of quickly, especially when you choose to back up photos and videos from your Apple devices to iCloud.

In case you want to get more storage, you can upgrade to the plan with 50 gigabytes, 200 gigabytes or 2 terabytes according to your interest. Users with 200 gigabytes of 2 terabytes of storage are able to share the storage with their friends or their family members as well.

If you are living in the United States, you will need to pay around 1 dollar each month to get 50 gigabytes of extra storage, 3 dollars for 200 gigabytes and 10 dollars for 2 terabytes.

Regarding to security, Apple iCloud does offer a good security for its storage service. There is two-factor authentication and AES 128-bit encryption to encrypt your data. Although there is no offering of zero-knowledge, iCloud is always known as a secure cloud storage which is hard to attack like others.


  1. Microsoft OneDrive

At the first glance, Microsoft OneDrive is rather similar to Google Drive, with the integration between cloud storage and Office and Outlook products.

If you want to try the service for free, you will get 5 Gigabytes of storage and the files uploaded will be limited to 20 Gigabytes. This storage can be utilized with mobile and desktop applications of Microsoft or Office ones because they are integrated already. For this reason, the business plan of OneDrive has always been famous to be among the best cloud storage for collaboration.

In terms of security and privacy, Microsoft has upgraded a lot. In the past, security seemed to be a big problem of the vendor but not this company makes use of AES 256-bit encryption to protect the files.

If you are satisfied with what Microsoft offers but find 5 Gigabytes of cloud storage still rather limited, you can upgrade. If you decide to go with the Office 365 subscription, you will get 1 terabyte of storage for around 70 dollars per year.

Subscribing to this plan will provide you with unlimited approach to all the Office products for Windows and Mac in addition to more assistance when it comes to ransomware prevention and password protection. Otherwise you can purchase just a simple OneDrive subscription with just 2 dollars each month.