Some best video streaming services in 2020

1. Disney+

Disney+ costs around 7 dollars per month with a package including many media properties made by Disney such as Pixar, The Marvel, Star Wars and so on. Apart from those original Disney programs, users also have chances to watch such originals as Encore!, High School Musical series, the Marvel, the Mandalorian and so on. In the future, such productions as Loki and Timmy Failure will be included as well. However, because of the current licensing agreements, some content which was acquired from its 21st Century Fox takeover would be missing. But you do not need to worry because the library of this service is growing day by day.

When being compared, the monthly price offered by Disney is rather reasonable and you can save your spending by choosing a yearly plan. With 13 dollars per month, the plan will comprise of Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu’s ad-supported tier. Another deal is that some selected Verizon clients can enjoy the streaming service of Disney+ without having to pay during one year.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Disney+

Currently, there are some issues related to techniques which may cause some disappointment towards Disney+ services yet we can not encounter any since launch day. Thanks to the sleek and convenient mobile and web applications, users are able to stream shows and films without causing any issues. What is more, Disney+ assists such beautiful benefits as 4K streaming, offline downloads and there are not any advertisements appearing. Last but not least, the service supports up to four streams at the same time, which is very convenient for families.

2. fuboTV

fuboTV costs around 55 dollars per month, which is a good deal for those who love to watch sports program. However, apart from sports, this service also provides a lot of other entertainment content for all devices. No matter what you want to see, a football match on Sunday or stream a movie according to your children’s demands, fuboTV is here to help.

Its basic subscription plan, which is named as fubo Standard, costs around 55 dollars per month with access granted to more than 90 channels. But the exact number of channels will depend on where you live. When it comes to international programs, you are servered with channels from the beIN network as well as Univision. In some days, you may not be interested in watching sports, fuboTV will provide you with a lot of other entertainment channels including AMC, the Food Network, FX and many others. After adding the Viacom channels recently, fubo now offers such Discovery channels as Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and so on. You will not only be able to watch live events and programs from those channels but also a wide variety of shows and files.

You can diversify your options by spending a little more in addition to the standard plan. More precisely, the Sports Plus option will cost 9 dollars monthly and the Adventure Plus one costs 5 dollars per month. Finally, if you go for the fubo Extra with extra 35 channels, you should pay 5 dollars to your bill every month.