Samsung galaxy fit review

As usual, it is widely known that Samsung is not a brand coming with all affordable products. However, with the price of 100 dollars, this Galaxy Fit brings about a lot of benefits for users. In general, the device is able to track every step, distance, monitor heart rate and your sleep habit. Thanks to its sleek design, users can wear while they are in or out of the gym. Its interface is considered to be really smooth although there are two apps required to use with the device.

  1. Design

It is undeniable that the Galaxy Fit is rather similar to the Gear Fit2 Pro also made by Samsung. However, this one is more compact. The device looks a little bit elegant with a screen of 1.70 by 0.72 by 0.44 inches made from aluminum. It is also really light and comfortable to wear during the day with the weight of only 0.8 ounces.

There are two color options for you to choose, which are black case and silver case. The black case is designed with a black silicone wristband and the silver one is with a white wristband.

  1. Features regarding to fitness and battery life

In terms of exercises, the Galaxy Fit provides users with more than 90 activities to choose. Thanks to the Samsung Health application, you are able to set up exercises based on your goals for more particular workouts. This may be setting a target distance, time or number of calories burned.

The device also supports automatic recognition for such activities as walking, running and so on. When you go to the gym, the device can identify if you are on the machine or not. When you stop working out, it can detect as well.

When setting workout mode, you can shift through such stats as miles, heart rate, speed, calories burned and time. As soon as you finish working out, the session will then be synced to the Health application in which you can receive a summary.

Apart from the stats mentioned above, users will also see their heart rate, speed, pace and cadence. With the Health app from Samsung, users can view different metrics such as fitness goals, steps, heart rate, their weight and so on. However, the app provided by Samsung would be rather complicate to use in comparison with Fitbit app.

When it comes to battery life, the brand claimed that you can use the device within up to one week according to the frequency of your usage. After using it in one day just to track your steps and heart rate, your work-out and your sleep, the battery may be remained at around 78 percent.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Fit is an ideal fitness tracking device that is able to measure your workouts, heart rate and sleep effectively. Thanks to the simple design and convenient interface to use, it is worth making an investment to this instead of Fitbit Inspire HR, especially when you want to do most of your tracking by this device.