Review for the Apple iPad Pro 2018

  1. Price

First and foremost, the iPad Pro comes with a cost that would be really expensive for a tablet. More precisely, the 11-inch model comes with the price of 799 dollars while the 12.9-inch one starts from 999 dollars. However, this is just the price for a 64GB version with Wi-Fi connection. There are also other versions with 256 Gigabytes, 512 Gigabytes and 1TB as well. If you want to add an LTE modem, you will need to pay 150 dollars more. A 12.9-inch device with 1TB unit and cellular will cost 1899 dollars while there is no supported keyboard or stylus. The smart keyboard’s price is around 199 dollars for the bigger model and 179 dollars for the smaller one. The Apple Pencil costs around 129 dollars.

For the whole combo, you will be prepared to pay over 2 thousand dollars for an iPad device.

  1. Design and accessories

The new iPad Pro is offered with two models, 11 inches and 12.9 inches. In general, this new product is smaller and less heavy than the predecessor because they are designed with smaller bezels. The LCD display is excellent as other devices. In order to remain the compatibility for the applications, Apple decided to lock all of its iPad displays at 264 pixels per inch. In other words, the screens get larger, which means they get more pixels.

Another reason that may encourage you to purchase the new iPad is the new Pencil. To be more specific, the new Pencil is designed with a matte finish and a flat side. When users place it on the table and push, it will stop. The other end can not be removed. What is more, the pencil can magnetically dock to the iPad top so that it can be charged. Thanks to this new update, users can easily know the location of the Pencil without having to fear of losing it.

  1. Networking and battery

This new iPad comes with networking abilities which are excellent as its processor performance. Similar to the iPhone XS Max, the cellular feature of iPad Pro is also made by basing on the Intel XMM7560 modem by which up to gigabit speeds can be dealt with. There is also a physical SIM card slot and eSIM that users can change to use either one of them.

What is more, the iPad Pro supports a lot of bands located in both the United States and other countries in the world.

Regarding to Wi-Fi connection, the device is able to carry out both 2.4/5GHz 802.11n/ac with 80MHz channels at the same time. Another ideal feature is its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

There are also some battery tests done. Apple claimed that users can use the device within 10 hours at about half screen brightness, which is the same to the old models. In spite of the fact that this is shorter than some laptops on the current market, most users will be okay with this offering.