Review for Polar A370 device

In fact, the Polar A370 is not really outstanding but it is a good option as well. It is designed to be a sporty watch used for training and tracking workouts and exercises thanks to its accurate optical heart rate monitor. It will deliver information on how different activities will influence on your body when you have just finished a walking period or joined a serious fitness class. Also, it provides users with activity tracking and notifications from smart phones for better measurement. If you are seeking for a sports watch to be your friend when training, this device is an ideal choice.

  1. Appearance, comfort and battery life

The Polar A370 watch is similar to its predecessor, the A360. Both devices are water resistant and come with a rectangular face with a micro USB slot on the back used to charge. The A370’s weight is the same, with around 1 ounce for small size and 1.3 ounces for medium or large size. You can swap the same silicone bands, which cost around 25 dollars for each, to your device. Polar is now offering new color choices such as ruby red, deep blue, orange and petrol instead of just black and white.

One change to this new device is the strap closure. This is an upgrade from the A360, which is tight and slippery enough for you to wear.

On a full charge, this Polar A370 is able to deal with 12 hours of using by utilizing the GPS through a linked mobile device. Also, you can receive 4 days of battery life as usual, including heart rate monitoring at all times and one hour per day of activity tracking. This is much better than the life of battery provided by Apple Watch, which does not last a full day. Actually, the Apple Watch is a smart watch with many more functions, not just a simple fitness tracking device or a sports watch. When it comes to sports watch, Garmin is a competitor with devices lasting nearly a week with normal use.

  1. What do you want to track?

The Polar A370 device comes with a lot of tracking choices for you, from everyday steps to more serious sessions. Using a few taps on the screen, you are able to record your walk, your cycling hours, training sessions as well as group exercises. There are also generic options for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Before you start to do exercise, the watch will show two icons in order to let you know your heart rate and also notify that it has received a GPS signal from your phone if you do exercises outside.

Last but not least, this device has all-day activity tracking, counting your steps, monitoring your heart rate and also how many hours that you are inactive during the day. But there is only one drawback of the device, which is that you can not set your own goals. Polar helps you do so basing on your lifestyle, history as well as progress.