Review for Fitbit Ionic

  1. A familiar design

 At first, the Ionic is rather like a cross between the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Fitbit Blaze because of its rectangular touch LCD which is different from a lot of circular smart watches on the current market. In general, the screen comes with a resolution of 348 by 250 pixels. This screen is surrounded by a bezel, which is thicker at the bottom.

This Fitbit is different from the Blaze as its screen is embedded in the watch case. Users can change the straps by popping it out. On the right side, there are two buttons and you can identify them by touch and a single button is placed on the left side. The Ionic is rather slim. In spite of the fact that the back protrudes a little, it does not snag on your shirt or coat sleeves. What is more, the case is designed with a lightweight aluminum, which brings about a premium feel for users.

  1. Being smart but not standalone

Fisrt and foremost, the Ionic device is compatible with almost all mobile platforms so that those who are Android fans may highly appreciate this product because sometimes they may feel left by Apple watches. Regarding to smart watch features, Fitbit has put a lot of effort before releasing the product. For starters, the design comes with its own operating system and app store named as the App Gallery. The interface is rather like Apple watch instead of the advanced Android Wear 2.0. nevertheless, Pebble fans should not place much hope there.

What is more, Fitbit is also opening a new page from the Pebble product with an open SDK for third party developers. Anyone who has a little knowledge of coding can have the ability to set up their own clock faces and applications from the platform based on website. This characteristic is rather important because the development of Ionic will depend much on its app ecosystem. Although the selection which is available now is not the most extensive, it is still too early to make any judgement because the watch is still not allowed to be on sales until October.

Moreover, this Ionic watch will not be standalone smart watch. Even you can get calls, text, and receive app notifications, there is no LTE connectivity for making calls or replying to texts if you do not have your phone. Phone is also required to set up, sync data, customize clock faces and adjust your preferences.

However, this Ionic is able to exercise without phones. It comes with GPS, Bluetooth as well as 2.5 GB for storing music. If you are a subscriber of Pandora Plus or Premium, you can download your favorite songs directly to the watch. Fitbit is designed with its earphones named as Flyer which can be paired with your watch and your smart phone simultaneously.

However, downloading songs is not simple because patience and Internet connection is required. It may take time but it is worth your waiting.