Review for Apple Watch Series 5

  1. Prices of the new Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 5 costs from 399 dollars to 1399 dollars according to the option users choose. The model with only GPS integration and an aluminum case in gray, silver or gold will start at 399 dollars for the 40mm size. If you choose a 44mm one, you need to pay from 429 dollars. Both of the two options will allow you to choose the classic rubber Sport Band or a fabric one.

For the GPS and cellular model, pricing starts from 499 dollars to 529 dollars according to the size. There is also a stainless steel model in black, gold and silver ranging from 699 dollars to 799 dollars according to different case sizes and straps.

  1. The same in design, battery life and new display

When it comes to design, this new series is rather similar to the predecessor. When being placed together, it is difficult for you to tell the difference. The right side of the case is still home to the Digital Crown and this will be a red dot on the cellular version, which is above the microphone and side button. The left side is where the speaker is placed.

The biggest change in design is the form of the always-on display. Instead of flicking your wrist when you want to activate the screen, you are now able to see everything immediately. This is a notable difference when it comes to user experience. When you are working, you can just look down your wrist to check the time quickly. When you are doing exercises, you can see all of your stats displayed so that you can check immediately without pausing your workout.

Of course, this will influence the battery life to some extent. However, Apple makes use of a low-temperature display as well as an ultra-low power display driver to maintain the battery life of 18 hours, which is as same as the old version. In spite of the fact that this battery life is not as strong as the Fitbit Versa 2 which lasts two days, yet it is enough for you to be comfortable during the day.

  1. More applications and an updated operating system

Another new factor to see in this device is the International Emergency Calling feature. Regardless of your location, the watch is able to make calls to emergency services even when you are in another country or your cellular plan can not be activated. If it feels that you have fallen and remain motionless for one minute, it will make an emergency call immediately. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of this feature if you choose to buy a cellular model.

Last but not least, the Compass application is another new feature integrated with this Series 5. This app can be used to navigate your surroundings. More precisely, it will show you such details as heading, latitude, longitude and so on. There are three Compass complications that can be added to your watch face so that you do not need to activate the app every time.